If you’ve been listening to this podcast, you know what Darold J. Pinnock does. He introduced us to multiple talented individuals, thus allowing us access to their creative journey. If you’re new, then you’re in for a treat because today, Darold J. Pinnock, graphic designer and the creator of Passion Behind The Art Show, shares his story and fills us in on what’s new. 
Darold’s design career started out with doing freelance and contracts. His day job took him from the architectural field then to finance, before he was able to obtain a job within the marketing/design field which would allow him to showcase his design skills. 
As he tells his story, one word comes to mind: driven. He recalls how he, “Turned it up, turned up my prayers, turned up my pursuit…” as he took steps of faith towards his goal. As a natural hustler, he took the ideas in his head and used them to catapult him even farther along in his pursuit of success. 
As a self-taught designer, creating this podcast has allowed him to meet and partner with like-minded creatives that have allowed him to not only further his development but has brought about partnerships resulting in increased business opportunities. 
As his star continues to rise, he has enlisted the aid of an editor as well as a writer who not only believe in him but his vision. He shares his love of design as he works on a bus remodeling project with his wife as they prepare to become a traveling family. Darold is also taken his voice and using it on bigger platforms. Design Revival is a conference where he will not only be utilized as a speaker but facilitating a workshop. In addition to all this, he’s working on a mentoring program where he helps others get to their goals.
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