In this week's episode, Darold “DP” Pinnock dialogues with the CEO of Design Cuts, podcaster, and marketing talent Tom Ross. 
Tom was born to be creative. As a child, he took creative writing courses and even had a few of his poems published. He loved art and was even a member of a band. The passion for web design came at the age of 12 when while playing around online at a friend's house, they realized that websites were actually humanly developed. With that, a new world was open to them and they started to design web pages for fun. By the time they were in high school, they were able to make a profit from some of these designs. 
During his college years, while he pursued an English degree, at the urging of his parents, he was still being directed in the creative path. He would help his friends with photoshop and work for various design companies. As an intelligent kid that was used to doing little and still excel, he didn’t get serious about his career path until a conversation with his father forced him to take a hard look at himself. Seeing his friends enter the working field and become successful also gave him the motivation to follow his dreams and start his business. ​​​​​​​
“The thing I love most about entrepreneurship is that you make something from nothing.”
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