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This week, DP chats with Brandon Groce. Brandon describes himself as a being a cartoonist, geek, hip-hop head, action figure collector and ex sneakerhead. How did this man who wears many hats begin his creative journey?
He describes having a deep interest in designing tattoos and thought he was going to be an ink artist. After realizing that his expectations were unrealistic, he enrolled in college and started taking graphic design and illustration classes. With his skill level in art, he naturally thought illustration would be the field for him, but yet again, his course would shift. As he learned more about graphic design, he realized that’s where he wanted to be. A majority of the experience he acquired came from working and learning on the job as he didn’t graduate from college. 
He built his brand after he started making inspiration boards and creative employment advice. He describes his inspiration behind doing that was having something that he could own. He opens up in the interview about his challenge and how he overcame it. He also makes mentions of his next steps. This interview will leave you entertained, but don’t take my word for it, listen for yourself. Happy listening!
“We have the power to allow ourselves to laugh, smile, make other people laugh in heavy situations and I think that’s a beautiful thing."
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