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In this week’s episode, DP chats with lettering artist Natalie Avalos. Her creative journey was one that developed over time. It was first instilled in her by her mother who was big on having great penmanship. She would creative worksheets for Natalie and her sisters to do after school. On a recent trip to Thailand, Natalie decided to test the waters and do lettering as a business venture. 
Natalie, who describes herself as persuasive and adventurous, would spend a lot of her days doodling and would always go above and beyond when working on art projects. It would be years later that she would fully realize that her passion was in the arts. Her trip to Thailand allowed her creativity to flow as she found a connection with the culture and scenery.
“If you are embarking, or you are already on the creative, entrepreneurial path, if you’re struggling, that’s part of the process. All the struggles, and all the stress, they make you stronger, they help you to build character and I honestly think they make you really, really strong in the end to enable you to run a business. I think if you’ve come this far, you can run a business. The struggle is part of the process, there’s no timeline for success and everyone is on their own path.”
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