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DP is back again with another great interview. He talks with Will Harris. You will get to know more about him as a husband, father, copywriter and content marketing manager at Real Thread in this interview. His creative journey began “late” in life.  After contemplating other fields, he would end up choosing advertising, with a concentration in copywriting, as his major in college. It was during this time that he would begin to label himself as a creative.
 As he speaks, his passion can be heard. He talks about his love of writing and how his personal conviction to be authentically allowed him to produce his best work. His style of communication puts on target with Real Thread’s mission statements as they seek to serve people in a relaxed environment. 
Will speaks about his wife and how her support was key in helping him get over the personal struggle of being confident with the work he produces. You’ll get to hear him discuss, work versus worth and how that thought process served as an additional confidence booster. You definitely do not want to miss out on what he has to say. You get to hear all that as well as hear his answers to DP’s fun questions. Happy listening!
"Clarity above everything always wins...write for clarity."
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