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DP is back with another great episode and picking the brain of Shane Harris. Shane is a California native. He grew up and attended college in New Mexico earning a degree in Communication and Advertising. He then moved to Colorado for 10 years before settling down in Florida where he works as a designer and illustrator. His decade long career landed various jobs among nonprofit, agencies, churches. He now works in-house at Medi-Share, a Christian HealthCare Ministry, where he combines his faith in God and talents daily to serve their members.
The camaraderie between Shane and DP began at Creative South. Creative South is a design conference where individuals come together from different parts of the world to network, support each other and foster ongoing relationships. Their slogan, “Come as friends, leave as family,” is not just great words put together, but an indication of the creator’s desire for everyone to feel accepted, supported and loved. Shane and Darold break down their experiences at the conference, touching on being able to not only meet like-minded individuals but participating in the worship services that the Christian organization leads. Listen as these two swap stories about their Creative South as well as what they are looking forward to at the next event. Happy Listening!
“I’m always wanting to just go back and hang with all these amazing people.”
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