1. When did you fall in love with music(what age and the story of how it happened)?
I guess I have always been in love with music, because I cannot remember a time when I was not. I still remember songs and tunes I heard as a very small child and even then I had a very natural response and affection for music and sounds.

2. When someone hears your music what do you want them to feel?
On the one hand I would like them to feel what I feel, but on the other hand: the great thing about music is that it is free association and one feels and thinks whatever one likes. I don’t want people to be spoon fed in concert – as long as they feel something I am happy! The worst thing art can do is to leave you cold and unresponsive.

3. Who was that person(s) that believed in you the most?
It’s not possible to say that someone believed in me more than others. I have been very privileged with many people who has been and still are very supportive of me and my passion. My family, friends, teachers and mentors. In some ways I think that I am the person who has had the “least” faith in me at times – though fortunately not any more.

4. What was the greatest struggle you had to overcome?
For an artist every day and every time one works there is a sense of struggle and friction between what you want to achieve and what actually comes out. I think that doubting my ideals and imagination is a great struggle which I have faced for many years and even though I don’t feel I have overcome it completely I feel much stronger and more secure about my integrity as an artist now.

5. What advice would you give to other musicians?
Listen as hard as you can, to yourself and to others in every sense of the word. Don’t force things, allow your ear and your heart to grow over time. Art is not like sports, you don’t have to achieve everything as soon as possible. Time works together with us.

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