When did you fall in love with music(what age and the story of how it happened)?
I can not really answer that question. I don’t know exactly when I fell in love with music. I feel that music has always been apart of my life. I was born into a family of music lovers, I have no recollection of my life without music, without her… My mom always listened to a lot of music and I think that since I was in her I have always heard music. I know exactly when I fell in love with the flute. I was 5 and I heard on the subway a flutist. I did not see right away, I just heard. ultimately it is the sound of the flute which I fell in love with first. I asked my mother to go and see what instrument could produce this sound that I loved so much. I saw this instrument and I said: “This is my instrument!”. It was at this moment that my longest love story began. That makes 23 years that I share my life with this instrument and it is not ready to finish!

When someone hears your music, what do you want them to feel?
This is a difficult question… I’m not sure to expect something in particular… I think what makes me happiest is to provoke as many emotions in people who listen to me. A positive or negative emotion. What scares me most is that eventually people will experience nothing listening to me, that people have no reaction. I prefer that people hate my interpretations, my compositions, my solos rather that they feel nothing, it does not cause anything home. The indifference of the people is ultimately what I fear and dread the most.

Who was the person(s) that believe in you the most?
Without hesitation, my mother! This is the person I was most supported, listened to, helped, given of her time. she is also one of the most critical people of my work: she doesn’t flatter me for just anything or tell me anything I do is well known but congratulate me when she finds that I did well and knows how encourage me in difficult times. She was always there for me and in my life as a musician.

What was the greatest struggle you had to overcome?
There was some… Most surely this is the desire to stop the music professionally. After a few failures in competitions, I thought this job was not for me, I was tired of trying to prove that I belonged in that environment, tired of never enough… I do well to put enormous pressure and found no more fun to play. I always tried to please the jury to imagine what they would hear, what interpretation pleased them. I was not myself. Music had always been a game for me, something easy, fun. It was my way to express what I felt without using words, without having to justify myself. I lived these failures amount to a deprivation of words, as if they were no longer allowing me to say things… It was a difficult time. So I took a break. Not a real break, I never stopped playing the flute, to go to my flute lessons but things were different: motivation was gone, I no longer thought about my career, I was not thinking to the music… This period lasted one short year. One day everything came back: motivation, love for music, the desire to play, love for my instrument… EVERYTHING! That day, I decided that music would be my job, no matter what people say to me. Music is a vital need for me! My way of expressing myself. My way of breathing. My way of living on Earth. I expect not leave people to express myself.

What advice would you give to other musicians?
Just a tip: Never give up! Be brave, work a lot, never look back, go and live! Enjoy your musical journey! Enjoy your life!

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